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20 slim led light bar Details

2022-03-08 15:32:11 0

Today we will talk about the characteristics of ultra-thin LED light strips. First, it uses high-intensity LED chips and high-quality stainless steel. With a bright cool white light, you can use it as a nighttime running light. The farther and farther the light shines, the unique heat dissipation makes the light last longer.。

Some LED light strips on the market have begun to use high-intensity LED chips to provide a brighter and safer driving environment. Its waterproof function is expected to be successful and can resist many natural problems. will affect its operation. Of course, the waterproof function will not affect the heat dissipation function of the light bar. Unique ventilation design, if the light bar produces water vapor in a particularly humid environment, the water vapor will naturally dissipate as long as it works for more than 2 hours. It will not affect normal use.

Our light bar is 50% brighter than normal light bar, it has a mini body and bright light. Lightweight, ultra-thin, and easy to install, it can bring you safer driving and a better life. It has many applications and can be used for off-road vehicle lighting, outdoor lighting, marine lighting, home lighting, and various such application scenarios.


Our LED Light Bar is super thin and cheap. It has many types of headlights that can be used in various scenarios. If you don't understand, you can consult our online customer service, thank you very much!

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