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Check the LED headlight bulbs when washing the car

2021-06-02 12:54:05 0

I believe many car owners will wash their cars by themselves.

Car clean is important.

But have you checked this body part that really affects driving safety?

That's right, just check the LED Headlight Bulbs.

When the new car was first used, the car lights were very bright, but over time, the light became less bright.

In addition to the weakening of the light source, another important reason is the yellow, oxidized, and scratched outer cover of the car lamp, and the decrease in transparency leads to blurry light.

What's more dangerous is that car owners tend to adapt to the dimming of the lights, and it is difficult to find that the light is too dim!

It is important to know that 22% of traffic accidents every year occur with poor visibility. Due to insufficient illumination, the driver cannot brake and avoid in time.

Don't forget to check the LED headlight bulb when washing the car

Vehicle headlights are the eyes of the vehicle and must be checked regularly. If necessary, they should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure travel safety.

New LED headlight bulbs help you travel safely.

Safety starts with the innovative and excellent lighting of automotive lighting LED headlight bulbs.

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