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Advantages of LED plant cabinet

2021-06-24 15:18:00 0

The epidemic lasts for a long time.

It has been a year and a half since the emergence of COVID-19, and all countries in the world are still making great efforts to fight the epidemic. However, COVID-19 is not a simple virus, even very cunning. Overcoming the difficulties requires the joint efforts of all mankind. So, how did human beings survive the epidemic? What is the reason for the sudden emergence of led plant cabinets?


Indoor Grow Tent

During the epidemic, how did you get through when you couldn't go out? Are all three meals a day solved by instant meal? Do you miss the good time when you could go to the supermarket to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables? An led plant cabinet launched by Chuangxinjia can bring some fresh feelings to you at home. The led plant cabinet can be placed indoors. The equipment is equipped with LED light sources suitable for promoting the growth and development of plants. A total of 512 holes are arranged on 4 layers to prepare for the germination of seeds. A water storage tank is also installed at the bottom of the plant growth cabinet. It can automatically add water to the seeds through the water pipe.

Advantages of LED plant cabinet

The plant growth cabinet can cultivate seeds without soil, which saves a lot of trouble for your planting. Looking at the growth of seeds after work will surely relax your tension.

Advantages of LED plant cabinet


The impact of the global epidemic has brought a great degree of inconvenience to international transportation. Therefore, the led plant cabinet under Chuangxinjia is very suitable for current families. Artificial self-planting and cultivation reduces external contact, greatly guarantees safety, and also allows family members to experience the feeling of rural life. Finally, during the epidemic, protective measures should be taken and try to choose to work from home. Office workers who cannot work from home remember to wear masks, wash their hands frequently and disinfect them when commuting.

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