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Air Intake Fan Grow Tent

2021-10-29 11:14:45 0

What kind of intake fan do you need?

The required intake fan depends on the materials that will be used for the intake and exhaust. We use intake fans with filters just to prevent dust and other materials from entering our intake system, so we don't have to clean them often.

What size intake fan and exhaust fan should you use? You want to make sure that the air flow through the planting room or tent is sufficient to meet your needs for ventilation, which means there is enough air flow, but not too much! In addition, if your planting room is not well lit, the heat may be difficult to escape (this may be an exhaust problem). Air Intake Fan Grow Tent is still very important

How does the intake fan work?

The working principle of intake fans is that they are usually placed in front of the Grow Tent where the air enters, and there is an electric fan inside that can bring air from one side of the fan to the other. The air passes through the fan very fast, and it creates negative pressure, which means that air enters to balance the pressure-thereby drawing fresh air into your planting room.

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