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A variety of plants can build the best 3x3 grow tent at the same time

2021-11-24 11:11:00 0

Best 3x3 grow tent provide systems, equipment, and methods to promote plant growth, especially hemp, especially hemp grown in greenhouses and hoop houses. Use carbon dioxide gas (CO2 or CO2). Apply gas to plants growing in groups or close to the ground, so that the plants can get the most beneficial gas in a reasonable time and the longest time. It also reduces the cost of growers. The system can maintain this close proximity distribution in various ways including height adjustment devices. This device allows growers to easily adjust the gas application height during the entire life cycle from seedlings or nutrient systems to mature plants ready to be harvested. In addition, the system allows quick and easy retrieval during the harvesting process, so whether it is manual or mechanized, the gas distribution and application equipment will not interfere with the harvesting task. The optimized system can provide comprehensive monitoring and control of air application, and coordinate with light, temperature adjustment, watering and fertilization. The system can be integrated with lighting, heating, watering and feeding systems. Or, it can be easily retrofitted to existing systems and equipment.

3x3 Grow Tent

A variety of plants in the garden can be used to set up a tent at the same time, and one or more tents can be used to eliminate the pests of the entire flora at one time. For marijuana, some fences can shut off the gas and concentrate the airflow in one or more fences for 90 minutes, allowing the gas to flow through the system without freezing the system due to dry ice, thus limiting the range of the target fence. , Maintain the death level of pests and diseases. If needed, additional valves can be opened in the target enclosure to achieve a faster gas flow rate to achieve the desired level of lethality. At the end of the duration, the room is closed, ventilated with a fan or door, and the side walls are reopened to allow the elevated gas to escape and return to a normal safe environment level, and workers can safely return to the space. This process can be repeated a few days later, targeting any hatched eggs, reducing the comeback of any pests.


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