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Bronco Led Light Bar Installation

2022-02-14 15:16:43 0

Bronco Led Light Bar Installation there are pre-run accessory harnesses on the right-hand roof area, pillars, and front and rear bumpers! We tap the roof wiring to install the light bar. There are small channels in the weather strip that seem to be made for this purpose. We put the seat belt through and then seal it with silicone. However, the drainage channels are there, so silicone may not be needed. Then we wrap directly on the trim board. Both exterior and trim panels pop right out. Ford even made a new clip for it! Because they don't always survive.

The visor is held in place by a single bolt, and the seat belt snaps off, then folds down and out of the hole. At this point you can see the upfitter wires there, taped to the main harness. Simply connect the power supply to this wire using the provided heat shrink tubing and connectors. Ford heat shrink is great, just make sure to heat it up to the point where the glue comes out of the end! We decided to sand down the weatherstripping studs with eyelets and extra nuts and it worked great.

Moving down to the right kick plate, we need to connect the roof leads to the body leads. You can find both here, with two options to jump to the main fuse box area. We connect the roof harness to the white main wire.

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