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Can LED Headlight Replace FOG Light?

2021-07-20 14:50:51 0

Can LED headlight replace fog light?

First of all, we have to know the difference between LED headlight and fog light:

1. The LED headlight should be turned on automatically after the vehicle engine is started. After dark, the driver needs to manually turn on the conventional lights, and the LED headlight will automatically turn off. LED headlight makes it easier for other "road users" to see the car, and consume less energy than current low beam headlights.

Can LED headlight replace fog light?

2. Automobile fog lights are divided into front fog lights and rear fog lights: the function of the front fog lights is not to illuminate, but to provide a high-brightness diffuse light source. The intensity of this light source is to penetrate dense fog and remind the opposite driving. Although it can only illuminate a small area, it is sufficient if it is used under normal conditions. The function of the rear fog light is to make it easier for the car driver behind the vehicle to find his car in an environment with low visibility such as fog, snow, rain or dust.

Therefore, 9003 led headlight bulb cannot replace fog light.

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