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Can motorcycles use led headlights?

2021-06-28 14:42:47 0

Motorcycles can also use LED headlights, mainly for lighting and signaling. The light emitted by the lamp can illuminate the road conditions in front of the car body, so that the driver can drive safely in the dark.

Can motorcycles use led headlights

Among them, the lamps can be divided into halogen tungsten lamps, xenon lamps, and led headlights according to the light source.

Halogen lamps emit light through tungsten filaments, with low lumen, insufficient brightness, and easy power consumption, with a life span of only 600 hours. The xenon lamp emits light through high-pressure excitation of xenon gas. The brightness is high and the service life is about 2000 hours. However, there is a distance blind zone between the starting time of 3-4 seconds, which affects the safety of the owner. The second is that the metal mercury pollutes the environment. The European Union has legislated motorcycles. It is forbidden to install xenon lamps, only LED headlights. Chuangxinjia has developed motorcycle h11 led headlight bulb, which are integrated, easy to install, and have a long life.

The main advantages of motorcycle LED headlights are as follows:

1. Energy saving.

2. Long life.

3. Good applicability.

4. Short response time.

5. Environmental protection, no harmful metals, and easy recycling of waste.

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