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Compared with traditional car lights, LED car lights have the function of energy saving and environmental protection.

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Today, the car is not only a means of transportation, but also your own car. It is more like a friend of people. With the change of this kind of mentality, people have higher and higher requirements for cars and cars.

LED car lights
Everyone has different requirements for the performance of automotive lighting. Nowadays, many original factory-equipped car lights are far from meeting people's needs, so the modification of car lights has become a popular item in the modification industry, especially the modification of LED headlights. And believes that new green light sources will also become the development trend of future automotive lamps.

What are LED car headlights?

LED car headlights refer to the light source that uses LED technology to illuminate the inside and outside of the car. It is suitable for various lighting of automotive electronics, such as headlights, fog lights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, etc., indoor lights, backlight lights, etc.

Compared with traditional car lights, LED car lights have the function of energy saving and environmental protection. At present, only some well-known brand models will be equipped with LED lights, such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc., and other models are ordinary halogen headlights. Because of this, LED modification has become a popular trend.

LED car lights
Why modify LED car headlights?

The transformed LED lamp has the advantages of high brightness, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, small size, stable performance and so on.

1. Brighter

Compared with traditional car headlights, LED Headlight Bulb have higher luminous efficiency, higher luminous efficiency, moderate color temperature, no glare, and healthier light sources.

2. Long life, energy saving and environmental protection.

The long service life of LED lights is also an advantage that everyone cares about. The service life of ordinary halogen lamps is 500 hours, while the service life of LED lamps can reach 30,000 hours, which is 60 times that of ordinary halogen lamps. Moreover, LED car lights can better save fuel consumption and truly save fuel and electricity.

3. Stable anti-interference performance.

LED headlights are driven by low-voltage DC, with small load, safety and stability, anti-interference, low environmental requirements, and strong adaptability.

4. Small size and easy to modify.

LED car lights are small in size, not only can fully meet the evolutionary needs of car lights, but also easy to simply modify, without changing the original car line, directly replace the original car bulb, plug and play.

The high beam can not be used at will, it will affect others and yourself, but if you feel that the low beam sometimes cannot meet your needs. Therefore, it is recommended to modify the LED lights to increase the brightness.


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