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Did you know that LED plant lights have such a wide range of uses?

2021-05-13 11:58:01 0

When it comes to the use of LED plant lights, the first thing we think of is plant supplement light.

The growth and development of plants is affected by the weather, the season and other factors, and the lack of light makes it impossible for normal photosynthesis to store organic matter.Therefore, in severe cases, it may wither and die.The emergence of LED plant lights frees plants from the limitation of sunlight that can only rely on normal growth
In addition, it can increase crop yields and shorten the plant growth cycle to produce high-quality, high-quantity, green and environmentally friendly crops.

Then the role of LED plant lights is only are these areas that we are exposed to?
Of course not!


LED plant lights
In addition to plants to supplement light, what other uses? Take a look

the use of LED plant lights

1.Help plants to lift the restrictions on the cultivation area

Help plants to remove the restrictions on the growing area of the greenhouse, so that external factors such as temperature and humidity can all be controlled. Then some southern crops can also be planted in the north, but some crops with high light requirements cannot be relocated. The main reason for success is light. Insufficient light has caused some plants to fail to survive, some survived with poor growth and development, and some can grow but fail to produce flowers. This situation cannot be called a successful plant "relocation" in the complete sense. The emergence of LED plant growth lights makes the last obstacle to the plant "relocation" cleared, and completely solves the geographical limitation of plant cultivation.

the use of LED plant lights

2.Help mankind out of the food crisis

With the rapid deterioration of the earth’s environment, the world’s population growth and the loss of agricultural workers, the yield of crops will decline, but humans have to eat for survival, so no matter how other factors change, crop yields must not change. The best way is It is to increase the yield of crops per unit area. Like Yuan Longping’s team, the hybrid rice developed is a way to increase crop yields from the perspective of the crop’s own genes. In addition, it is to change external conditions to increase crop yields. Greenhouses Planting is one kind, and the use of LED plant lights is also one of them, as is the plant factory built with LED plant lights as the light source.

the use of LED plant lights

3.Assist in scientific research

Studying the growth behavior of plants outdoors not only covers a large area, but also has many uncertain factors, and the research parameters of plant cultivation cannot be fully quantified. Indoors are completely different. What kind of problems does each plant need in different growth periods, what kind of humidity, what kind of light, what kind of light quality already grows best, and under what circumstances What are the different changes? With these quantitative parameters, different plants can be planted in various growth states according to the different needs of human beings. Only plant lights can make plants "walk" from outdoors to indoors. At present, only LED plant lights can make indoor research reach the highest efficiency.

the use of LED plant lights

4.Auxiliary space ecological construction and research

Aerospace ecological research seems to be out of reach, but every country in the world has never stopped exploring it. The growth of almost all plants cannot be separated from the irradiation of light. The growth on the earth has become accustomed to the various ecological environments of the earth. It is naturally unsuitable to go to outer space, because it is indoors. Others are relatively easy to control, and the most difficult to grasp It is nothing more than the influence of light and gravity. LED Grow Lights can control the spectral wavelength very well, which can fully meet the needs of plants for light.



LED plant light
As a way of being a light source.
Its role is immeasurable in the future.
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