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Do you know about plant nursery cabinet?

2021-04-30 17:58:43 0

In recent years, as LED applications have gradually developed in the fields of biology, medical treatment, and health, the huge potential market for LED applications in the field of plant growth has gradually gained attention, and some domestic and foreign companies have begun to set foot in the field of plant lighting.

The hydroponic grow kit is a product developed for home applications based on plant factory technology, integrating practical, decorative, fashionable, natural and healthy elements.

According to the applicable family environment, it can comprehensively consider the functions of beauty, silence, air purification and other aspects, which can meet the daily needs of consumers for fresh green leafy vegetables, and can also grow high value-added functional plants.

With your family, you can enjoy fresh vegetables that are “grown, harvested, and eaten” at any time. The vibrant corner can also add a lot of color to the room, and at the same time provide natural oxygen for the room. Integrating practical, decorative, fashionable, natural and healthy elements, more and more high-end families, villas, health professionals and urban farmers choose plant nursery cabinets.

Plant nursery cabinet can be placed in any corner of the home, including basement garages, etc., without the need for sunlight, and not being affected by the external environment, saving space for users, so that every family can have a green indoors, and bring them to the family. Come to the breath of nature. Families can work together to grow seedlings and transplant seedlings, relax, have fun and enjoy the family time.

In the office environment, green planting not only serves as a functional landscape, but also gradually becomes a fashionable experience. As long as a corner of natural green is set in the office, front desk, or exhibition hall, coupled with the rendering of lighting, it can naturally attract a lot of eyeballs, and instantly enhance the quality of the environment, giving people a refreshing, comfortable and quiet experience.

Plant nursery cabinet is also used in supermarkets, office greening and food, aerospace, ships, and so on.

Intelligent planting equipment can be said to be the highest state of modern agriculture. Intelligent planting equipment uses light, temperature, water, air, computer and other technology integration to create the best environment for plant growth and allow crops to grow healthily in a sterile environment. Producing high-quality healthy vegetables is an advanced and sustainable agricultural production system. The future will be based on intelligent planting equipment, extending the development of entertainment, landscape and other fields.

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