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Function of LED plant cabinet

2021-07-08 10:39:01 0

The role of LED plant cabinets

Function of LED plant cabinet

If you use LED auxiliary lighting and hydroponic systems, air can be recycled, excess heat and moisture can be removed, and electrical energy can be effectively converted into effective photosynthetic radiation, and finally into plant matter. Chuangxinjia's 1000w led grow light is a product that combines hydroponics and lighting systems, which provides the greatest convenience for family planting and cultivation and reduces the trouble caused by soil planting.

Why choose LEDplant cabinet?

Function of LED plant cabinet

Compared with fluorescent lamps, the mixed-wavelength LED plant cabinet light source can significantly promote the growth and development of spinach, radish, and lettuce, and improve the morphological index. In addition, it can also maximize the bioaccumulation of sugar beet. Betanin accumulation in the hairy root is the most significant, and the sugar content and starch accumulation in the hairy root are also the highest.

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