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Grow Tent vs Grow Box

2021-10-28 14:52:23 0

If you have a green thumb but no garden, planting tents or planting boxes may be the perfect way to pursue your interests indoors. Although their basic purposes are similar, there are some major differences between the two methods.

If we are interested in growing weeds, plants and even herbs indoors, we should see which option is more suitable for us. When we understand the different aspects, we can make a better choice between the two.

Basic knowledge:
The basic definition of a grow tent is a portable, foldable room in which an indoor greenhouse can be built. The tent itself is usually made of thick waterproof material, such as canvas. Then stretch it onto a strong metal structure.

Inside, ideally, the material should be reflective in order to maximize the use of the grow lights you use. Not only will it reflect more light onto the plants, but it will also nearly double the amount of light itself.

However, the planting box is more like a kit for starting a planting project indoors. This is accompanied by a growing space, which is closed and on a small side. If the planting box is a bit high-end, it will be equipped with automatic planting equipment. Then all you need to do is set up everything and make the gear work. You may need to plug in some wires before things develop!

Planting tents and planting boxes are like rooms where you grow yourself. They don't need to use the garden or outside sunlight/weather

Both settings are independent, so there is no need to change a large part of the house or apartment for growth purposes.

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