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How to choose the lamp type of LED headlight bulb?

2021-06-17 12:04:22 0

Do you feel that your car lights are a little dim when driving at night? And although the oncoming car does not turn on the high beam, it makes you feel ten times brighter than your own car lights? So you started to have the idea of upgrading the headlights of the car. After many inquiries, you finally chose the H11 LED Headlight Bulb, because LED headlights are gradually becoming the mainstream lighting system.

So, the problem is coming! The purpose of upgrading the lights is to make the lights wider, brighter and farther, and to increase the safety of driving at night. How about the light type of the LED headlight bulb you choose?

The lighting effect of car lights not only depends on LED headlight bulbs.

LED headlight bulbs are only luminous light sources, so tools such as reflectors are needed to integrate and project the light onto the road in front of them to achieve real lighting.

The standard light type is like this:

How about the light type of the LED headlight bulb you choose?

The tangent line is clear, the left low and the right high are consistent with the original car's halogen lamp, and there is no obvious light above the tangent.

You definitely want to ask:

Is there any reliable and cost-effective LED headlight bulb recommendation?

Look, the product with high brightness and good light type is it:

LED headlight bulb

(Click the picture for more details)

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