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How to Wire Up Led Light Bar to High Beam

2022-02-18 16:52:41 0

A major consideration when installing led strips is that a hole must be drilled or cut somewhere inside the vehicle for switches and internal wiring. If you're wiring them into an existing headlight circuit, you can skip the included switch and keep extra wiring to a minimum. The most important thing to remember is that you must connect them in parallel instead of series to prevent overloading the existing circuit. If you choose to wire the lights into an existing high beam circuit, they will only work when the high beams are on.

Connecting a running light in series with an existing circuit may cause excessive current draw in the circuit, potentially resulting in a fire.
  In most states, it is illegal to turn on more than four forward lights at a time. Before connecting the new lights to the high beam circuit, make sure to turn off the low beams when the high beams are on

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