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How to install LED work light?

2021-06-07 14:21:26 0

Many off-road vehicle owners like to travel by car, and especially like to travel through areas with relatively few people. Installing a set of high-performance LED work lights is an indispensable equipment to deal with sudden changes in climate.So how to install LED work lights?


Suitable led work light

First, you need to buy an LED work light suitable for your car model. According to the style of your own car and the preferences of the owner, choose a moderately sized LED work light, square or round, and the smaller one is called LED work light. Generally installed in pairs, one pair is installed on the front safety bracket of the car, or the front body of the rear-view mirror can be installed. It is usually installed in a row of 3 to 4 on the roof. If there is a luggage rack on the roof, it can be installed on the luggage rack.

After determining the installation location, choose the required LED work light according to the size. The performance of the lamp is very important. You must choose high-performance LED work lights, because poor quality not only affects the use, but also affects the safety and driving of the car body. Safety has a big impact.

Reasonable installation

The mounting bracket must be firm. If you plan to install off-road vehicle work lights, don’t be afraid of drilling and electric welding. Install as firm as possible, especially for lamps with higher power and heavier weight. Stability is the first thing to ensure. Under the premise of ensuring stability, Try to be as beautiful as possible. Led work lights of Chuangxinjia are reasonable in price, beautiful and stable.

How to install LED work light?


When the LED work light is connected to the car power circuit, an independent fuse and switch must be installed. If the LED lamp comes with a wireless switch, an additional mechanical switch must be added.

Power-on test, adjust the angle of the LED work light, the range of the LED work light is about 50-100 meters, adjust the angle you need to the appropriate lighting requirements, remember to tighten the mounting screws. During normal use, check regularly to see if the screws are loose.

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