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How to Maintain LED Grow Light?

2021-07-16 15:15:54 0

full spectrum led grow lights are special lighting fixtures. If the maintenance and cleaning work is not done well, on the one hand, it will affect the service life of the LED grow lights, and on the other hand, it will affect the lumen of the LED lights, thereby affecting the lighting effect of the LED lights.
In order for the plant grow light to have a good effect on planting plants for a long time, maintenance measures must be taken. So how to maintain the LED grow light?

How to maintain LED grow light?

To clean the housing of the plant grow light, you can use an ordinary clean cloth soaked in water and wipe it carefully. Be careful not to touch the lens, reflector, etc., and then dry it with a dry cloth. Finally, you can dip a little protective oil and apply it to the housing surface.
The lens, reflector and light-transmitting shell of the LED grow light can not be directly wiped off with a rag. Do not wipe it frequently. It is best to clean it with pure cotton cloth. Before cleaning, use transparent glue to stick the dust off the mirror surface. In this way not leave scratches.

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