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Installation matters of tractor headlight

2021-06-30 13:41:13 0

The following lists some improper operation phenomena in the installation and use of led work lights for trucks, which should be avoided.

Installation matters of tractor headlight

Individual lighting

When one tractor headlight is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. If it is still used with the help of another headlamp, the front illumination of the tractor will be greatly reduced when driving at night, and the light will be deflected to one side. Driving on rainy nights and country roads can easily cause rollover accidents due to unclear vision and narrow and uneven roads.

The lamp installation position is too high or too low

Too high a tractor headlight position will seriously hinder the driver's observation of the road ahead, and it is also easy to make eyes tired.
If the position of the lamp is too low, the main light still cannot illuminate the roadside traffic signs, and the driver cannot distinguish the road signs. Traffic accidents are prone to occur in dangerous road sections such as sharp turns and steep slopes.

Improper adjustment of the headlight axis direction

When the driver installs the tractor headlight bracket, if the bracket is not calibrated or adjusted incorrectly, the headlight axis will not be basically parallel to the road, which will affect the driver's observation of the road. It may also cause a glare to an oncoming driver.

During the use and maintenance of the tractor, in order to ensure that the headlight distribution meets the driving needs, sufficient power supply, intact lamps and correct installation are required, otherwise it will directly affect the driver's accurate observation and judgment of road signs and road surfaces. In addition, in order to achieve satisfactory results for the beam of the headlights, in addition to ensuring the correct installation of the tractor headlights, attention should also be paid to the overall condition of the locomotive to minimize the vibration of the locomotive.

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