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led light bar for growing plants is the final choice for hydroponic plants in recent years

2021-11-12 11:50:05 0

For thousands of years, agriculture has been a successful example. From the early use of minerals and fertilizers by the Egyptians, Romans, and Babylonians to today’s custom fertilizers, from early plant breeding to genetic engineering, advances in these technologies can steadily increase yields. Despite such a big change, one basic principle remains the same: the growth and continuity of plants are driven by natural light. From the end of the ice age, the core content of this success story is.


Let the plants shine.

Bring light to plants.

Doing so can not only adjust the light but also make the environment of the entire farm coordinate with the growth of plants. In the past, plants were adapted to the natural environment through breeding and genetic engineering, but the current method is to adapt the farm to the special needs of plants. An important factor in moving agriculture indoors is the most advanced energy-efficient led light bar for growing plants LED Grow Light Bar.

Although the energy demand for artificial lighting is steadily declining, especially through led light bar for growing plants technology, traditional agriculture is getting closer to its limit. It is not limited to single planting, over-fertilization, and soil erosion, but also includes the excessive use of oil on large tracts of land. In addition, this scattered crop production requires long-distance transportation and global shipping, which also has a corresponding impact on food quality and the environment.

At this point, what needs to be changed is climate change. In traditional agriculture, large amounts of water are required for irrigation of farmland, especially under conditions of increasing drought. Moreover, as people enter the city, the supply chain from the scene to the end consumer is getting longer and longer. In this regard, indoor use, especially vertical agriculture, can produce high-quality food close to consumers.

Because plants are biological products with very special needs, the design and construction of farms or agricultural systems discussed here may be very different, for example, it depends on the type and scale of crops grown, and the location of the farm (such as B. Urban vertical farm) or other local requirements.
Farmers and food crops face a huge risk of harvest failure, which may be due to plant infections caused by fungi or diseases. For example, depending on the specific infection conditions, the leaves of plants can change color. The embodiment of authorization requirement 1 relates to a method of inspecting plants, which can improve the reliable detection of optical inspection and color change. Especially in automated indoor agriculture with close plant spacing, early detection or improper handling is very important to ensure crop safety.

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