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LED's potential in dominating the vehicles'lighting system

2022-05-24 17:56:48 0

LED headlights finally meet in great hope the widely application in vehicles lighting market after its developing stage of technology identification and cars displaying in recent years.


Three typical events as: 

1.Lexus LS600h from Toyota firstly applied LED lighting in headlights in the global world, but it is only for Low beam pattern and Halogen lighting maintained in High beam pattern.

2.Audi R8 considers their adoption of LED in full headlights as the major selling point, Lumileds & Osram offered the LED lights.

3.Cadillac Escalade Platinum is the first sport car applied LED as its headlights.

Disadvantages stop LED headlights from expanding the car lighting market.

Does the last milestone events can prove LED technology will rapidly dominate the vehicle lighting fields ? Some experts give the negative answer by their analysis.

It might take a few years in cost going down to catch up with HID even if LED can lower its cost constantly as Moore Law predicted, even it would be much longer for the whole families to take in the combat against Halogen lights.

But good signs showing LED has been enjoying good reputation in car lighting and a skilled technology never success at one stroke, we do firmly believe and anticipate it can bring human a new revolution in vehicles lighting.


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