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Little Knowledge of Plant Tent-4

2021-11-04 11:33:25 0

Traditionally 5x5 foot tents are intended for growing shorter plants. This 5x5 tent has 5 feet of height so 5' x 5'. Although you can still grow taller strains in here, I would suggest getting a 5'3 or 5'6 grow tent instead.

It only comes with one door. This means that it's easy to access but also quite limiting if you're planning on having many people working on the same plant at once. A two-door system is helpful because some people are using reflectors or CO2 systems without interfering with others who are checking on their plants, feeding them, etc.

The measurements are 76" X 51". So this includes the vestibule area which wraps around your 5x5 grow tent. It's recommended to add a little extra height and width in relation to the 5' x 5' area because it's still very usable space and that would bring your measurements out to 5'9 X 5'.

One of the best options for beginners who are low on cash and want something inexpensive, easy to use, and overall effective. This tent is great for getting started with growing cannabis indoors. It will provide you with good airflow and excellent light penetration for seedlings or smaller plants, but not much else past 5 feet in height unless you plan on training them up. One door is another con when having multiple people working on the same plant at once. If you're looking to upgrade I definitely recommend checking out my article on 6x6 grow tents. 5' x 5' is a small enough footprint to be ideal for growing 5-9 plants, but most experienced growers prefer the 5x3 or 5x2 models with 2 doors when they're running a full flowering room.

Do you have any questions about 5x5 grow tents? Leave them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them! If this article helped please share it with your friends who are just starting out with growing their own cannabis indoors! 

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