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Little Knowledge of Plant Tent-5

2021-11-15 16:31:01 0

If you are a new player in family planting, then you should choose, you should build an open room, or put a planting tent in the room, or choose both.

An open room is good, but it is not a necessity, and I think it is not very practical. If you want to set up an open room, you first need time to design, time to build, and to decorate. This is simply very troublesome, although the design A planting house of your own is very fulfilling, but it requires a lot of time and motivation. It is better to choose a 4x4 grow tent, which is very convenient.

As for planting in a tent, don't let anyone mislead you. You don't need a planting room to grow high-quality cannabis. Planting tents is enough to grow high-quality cannabis. With a growth tent, its setup is much simpler, and you can place one in almost any room. In addition, you can set up a grow tent within an hour. All of this is relatively easy, but if your light is heavy or you are not very flexible yourself, you may need some help to set it up.

In an open room, the chandelier is a more challenging task. If you are considering building a planting room, you need some basic DIY skills to do the job yourself. If you are not satisfied with the tools and some labor, you need to hire a friend or handyman for help.

Both open-plan rooms and planting tents can have different sizes. The size of the planting tent ranges from 2 x 4, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5 to 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 8 x 16 and 10 x 20. On the other hand, the planting house has a variety of unique different sizes and shapes. For example, you can transform a spare bathroom into a growth room that uses part (not necessarily all) of the bathroom space. Or, you can turn any spare bedroom into an open-plan room, using the entire space or part of it.

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