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Little Knowledge of Plant Tent-6

2021-11-16 17:39:32 0

There are two ways of air intake. Active or passive, active ventilation can be used for one-time ventilation. So enter the wind from the source, as long as your entire 3x3 grow tent is under negative pressure, there will be a steady stream of fresh air coming in.
However, compared with passive input systems, pest problems may occur, and the nature of plants will surface.

With an active suction system, you will place an additional in-line fan around and breathe fresh air through the suction port. Odor agrees that when the light is on, you should change the air in the space at least every 5 minutes. If your environment is struggling to fight high temperatures or long distances, your speed will be faster. Air circulation, which reduces the temperature and taste.

When music needs to be played, it is very important to control the environment. To do this, a good ventilation system.

We will share some tips to improve your ideas or the ventilation and circulation in the room. But first, let's start with the basics.

You can set up all systems for users in two ways: passive and active.

For most players, the passive communication system is very effective.

The passive system does not actually use the supply system.

Maybe your growth has negative pressure, you will have a system negative pressure, which is the air pressure of your growth environment.

In the system, your environment will not be completely static.

With the active input system, you will place an additional in-line fan at the bottom to draw in air through the mouth.

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