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Little Knowledge of Plant Tent-9

2021-12-07 09:29:09 0

Temperature and Safe Use of Electricity



Generally speaking, for the cultivation environment, the temperature at which humans feel comfortable wearing a T-shirt is the most suitable.

Weed plants are happiest when they are within a temperature range of 20°F during the day and night. When the lights are turned off, the temperature during the vegetable period should not fall below 64°F, and the temperature during the flowering period should not fall below 54°F. When they are turned on, the temperature in both stages should not be higher than 84°F.

Lights add heat—HIDs are hotter than LEDs—but generally speaking, if the tent’s room temperature is around 65°F, the fan should be enough to maintain a good temperature, and you don’t need an air conditioner or heater.

Spare bedrooms usually meet the requirements. Basements—cool in summer and warm in winter—usually provide a good isolation from extreme daily weather, which can put stress on plants. Untreated rooms are not ideal and should be avoided as much as possible.

For example, the temperature and humidity of garages and lofts fluctuate greatly throughout the year and may not be suitable for new growers. When 2x2 grow tent in non-insulated spaces, success usually depends on the use of heaters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and automatic environmental control technologies, which can greatly increase your utility bills.

Space for your growing tent
A cultivation room must not only accommodate the storage of the tent, but also its construction. A tent gap of about one foot helps smooth assembly and ensures that there is enough space to wrestle on and around the frame with an uncompromising canvas shell.

To figure out how the tent is placed in the room, choose a potential location and draw a tent-sized tape outline on the floor. Can people still walk around in the room? Will the tent block any doors, windows, vents, light switches or electrical outlets? If the tent needs to be drained outside to improve aroma or temperature accumulation, are there windows or ducts available? Can the plants be accessed from all necessary angles?

Electricity safety
Your planting area needs to support the power consumption of electric lights and fans, as well as potential equipment such as air conditioners, heaters or dehumidifiers. If the tent is set up to share a circuit breaker with any major electrical appliances (such as a dishwasher or washing machine), you need to choose where to insert it carefully so as not to blow the fuse. If in doubt, please use a different room.


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