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Little Knowledge of Plant Tent-3

2021-11-04 11:03:16 0

The 5x5 grow tent is a medium-sized 3 feet wide by 5 feet high tent. It's relatively easy to transport and can fit in most rooms at 5 ft x 5 ft. Keep in mind that the 5x5 size is actually 4" shorter than a 5' x 5'. 

This means you're going to be limited on how much height you have with your plants, but still gives you just enough room for a nice amount of plants.

The biggest advantage to getting this 5x5 grow tent is its price point. It's one of the more inexpensive options as far as tents go as it is specially designed for beginners who are looking for cheap way to get started growing their own weed indoors. if you want something bigger, there is also 5x10 and 5x15 size options.

If you're looking to upgrade, I would recommend checking out my article on 6x6 grow tents .

The 5x5 footprint means it has a 5x3 width and 5' height. This will give you about 3 feet in the center where the 5' side meets the 5 foot side of your tent. The 5' x 5' sq footage will give you about 18 sq ft of growing space, allowing for 8-9 plants easily, but that's only if they are short/medium height plants like certain varieties of indica or ruderalis strains. I wouldn't recommend putting 12 plants inside this tent because it does get very cramped between each plant when flowering.

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