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Precautions when installing LED light bars

2021-07-02 14:36:00 0

First of all:

When the LED light bar is connected to the car power supply, it is necessary to install an independent fuse and switch. It is necessary to choose the LED light bar with its own wireless switch. Generally, the car will have a reserved switch position at the factory. The LED light bar power cord is equipped with a waterproof plug. You must also bandage, route the wires into the car, avoid pressing the door when opening and closing the car, and don’t reserve too many wires outside the car to avoid accidentally pulling them later.

Precautions when installing LED light bars


After the installation is complete, do a power-on test and adjust the angle of the light. Generally, the illumination distance of the LED light bar is about 50-100 meters. After adjusting the angle you need, tighten the fixing screws for installation.

During the normal use of the LED light bar, regular maintenance and inspection are also required to check whether the screws are loose.

Precautions when installing LED light bars

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