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Modification method of off-road vehicle lights

2021-06-25 17:17:24 0

Modification method of led off road driving lights :

Commonly used off-road vehicle lights modification types: xenon lamp HID, LED headlight bulb.
Xenon bulbs have two significant advantages: on the one hand, xenon bulbs have three times higher light intensity than ordinary halogen bulbs, but consume only two-thirds of the energy; on the other hand, xenon bulbs use almost the same light color as daylight. , To create better visual conditions for the driver. The xenon lamp makes the light range wider and the light intensity is greater, which greatly improves the safety and comfort of driving.

1. Xenon lamp

Xenon lamp models can be divided into three types: H series, 90 series and D series. Common car lamp models are H1\H3\H4\H7, etc. The correct model must be purchased when replacing.

2. LED headlight bulb

Modification method of off-road vehicle lights

The h11 led headlight bulb has a small appearance, low energy consumption, low heat dissipation, long service life, and rich colors, which can meet the different needs of car lamp modification enthusiasts.

Generally speaking, the original factory configuration of low-cost car lights is lower. It is recommended to upgrade after a certain period of use to ensure the light effect of off-road vehicle lights and ensure driving safety.

The above is the main way to modify the lights of off-road vehicles, so we recommend that you first choose led lights. Chuangxinjia's led headlight bulbs are very suitable for retrofitting. The installation is simple and convenient, the product life is long, and the shelf life is long. Save your troubles when refitting your off-road vehicle lights.

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