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Tent Lighting Components are Used to Grow Plants

2021-10-19 16:23:13 0

In many cases, it may be impractical and cost prohibitive for individuals to build and maintain fields or greenhouses outdoors. Therefore, it is generally necessary to grow plants indoors. In many cases, plants may need to control the environment, such as humidity, temperature, and light.

Indoor greenhouses and growing tents are known in the field. It is common for users to upgrade the planting system by removing the previous planting tent and installing a larger planting tent. This process may involve excessive disassembly and reassembly. In addition, over time, users may wish to share and upgrade the cost of the system.

Therefore, there is a need for a system that can be assembled and/or disassembled in stages. The system can upgrade or downgrade the planting system without completely dismantling the previous planting tent and installing a new planting tent and related lighting system.

Grow Tent is used to grow plants. The tent lighting assembly may include a main tent, an auxiliary tent, and elongated rigid parts. The main tent may include a roof part of the main tent, the main planting light can be suspended in translation on the roof part of the main tent, and a driving motor used to translate the main planting light. The first auxiliary tent may include a first auxiliary tent roof part and a first auxiliary plant growth light, and may be movably suspended on the first auxiliary tent roof part. The first elongated rigid member may connect the main growth lamp to the first auxiliary growth lamp so that the first auxiliary growth lamp and the main growth lamp are translated.


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