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The application on vehicles of LED diodes?

2022-05-26 13:59:49 0

It is widely applied with LED diodes and one of the most industry would focus on Auto lights which is classified with headlights, daytime running lights, position lights, turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights, fog lights, license plate lights, cornering lights, car interior lights, emergency vehicle lights etc.

What we called headlight is mainly for night driving, high/low beam controlling and shifting in right way and good manners can bring safe driving.

As showed with its name, daytime running lights is used in daylight to warn people and other cars to guarantee safe driving. It is getting popular in recent years and normally in white LED lighting which save more power.

Position lights own the same function with daytime running lights, it is used just in poor visibility environment at night or in rainy weather. The car outline can be easily recognized with its location in four corners, thereby driving more safe.

Turn signals is needless to say only if we can drive and it is used the most often, the yellow lights can give a caution to other drivers when turning or merging line, it also can flash one’s blinkers when emergency happened to avoid danger. Generally turn signals will be open in advance to leave enough reaction time to the others.

Brake lights show red color when we brake, thus to warn the following car to avoid rear ending.

Reversing lights show white color when we push gear R, giving a caution that bewaring our car.

Fog light must be opened in foggy weather to increase the visibility by its strong penetrating power. The light needs to be shut in time while pull over in case of damage.

License plate lights is specially for car license plate lighting in night or bad weather. It enjoys the same switch to position lights and regulation requests license plate must be clearly visible within 20 meters.

The most popular Auto LED diodes come from OSRAM from Germany. People prefer its high quality with great luminous, high coloration, low luminous decay and long lifespan etc.

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