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The comparison between HID and LED headlight

2022-04-24 14:29:55 0

As vehicles’ eyes, headlights do matter safe driving, especially to night driving. It covers multiple kinds, say traditional Halogen lights, HID light and LED lights. More and more drivers choose to exchange Halogen lights when realizing its brightness reduced after long time working. So, let’s do a brief comparison between them.

To analyze lumen with color temperature in 2700-5000K under same power of 35W, HID headlight shows 3500 Lm, in average by 100 Lm/W, LED proves 3200 Lm and 91 Lm/W in average. It is obvious LED headlight can save more power than HID, this is friendly to our batteries, both in lifespan and safety.


Additionally, LED headlight launches faster without line modification and adaptation. Due to the special structure, HID consists of ballast, bulbs and wire, ballast triggers 12V direct current into high voltage which can bring higher brightness, but it needs to be equipped separately and work only if stimulated by relevant devices. At this point, LED can be directly installed and work with original circuit and voltage.


Although LED headlight owns great advantages in power saving, light temp and safety, but the spotty Lumen exists in the headlights market, and a few of suppliers’ false lumen marking or ideal theory value direct labeling get it disorganized.


As drivers, it is not wise to excessive pursuit high Lumen, instead picking it by actual conditions is the key point.

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