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The Importance of LED Grow Lights Heat Dissipation

2021-07-15 15:09:53 0

Low-power LED grow lights do not need to take special heat dissipation measures, and only need to do a basic heat dissipation structure, because LED plant lights have high electro-optical conversion efficiency and relatively generate less heat, but LED high-power grow lights do not. Although compared with the traditional plant light, the heat generated is reduced a lot, but with the plant light itself and the plant, it is still necessary to take special heat dissipation measures.

The importance of LED grow lights heat dissipation

Reliable heat dissipation performance can bring us convenience in the following aspects:

(1) Relatively prolong the service life of 1000w led grow light, the service life of LED grow lights is about 50,000 hours
(2) Luminous efficiency, any artificial light source has light decay. A very important factor that affects the speed of light decay is temperature. High temperature will accelerate the aging of materials.
(3) The effective heat dissipation configuration of LED grow lights can help control the ambient temperature, which is conducive to the overall temperature control of the greenhouse or plant factory.
When purchasing quantum board led grow light, the reliability of heat dissipation is a very important technical indicator, which will have a direct and obvious impact on the yield and quality of later planted crops.

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