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The Method of Selecting an LED Plant Grow Light

2021-07-19 13:54:45 0

The environmental applicability of full spectrum led grow lights can be roughly analyzed from the planting area and plant characteristics.
According to the size of the planting area, it is mainly decided to use the shape of the LED plant grow light. Generally, the LED plant grow light adopts square and circular designs. For a single plant, the round LED plant grow light can illuminate each plant in all directions. Locally, it can not only meet the needs of plants to supplement light, but also plant a single plant relative to the square LED plant light, and it will also reduce the waste of electricity and light energy. However, the opposite is true when planting in a large area. Because of the large area and tight plant growth intervals, it is required that every plant can receive even light in every place. If a round plant light is used, the light at the junction of multiple lights cannot be guaranteed. A certain error range has no uniformity. On the contrary, the square LED plant light can solve the above problems very well.

the square LED plant light

According to the characteristics of plants, positive plants need to provide sufficient light during flowering/fruiting/rapid growth stages. At this time, LED high-power plant grow lights are often used to supplement light. If the plant is in the nursery stage and the light demand is not very high, then the LED plant grow light bar can meet its growth needs.

LED plant grow light bar

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