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The Role of Blue Light in LED Grow Light

2021-07-22 13:57:29 0

Blue light can inhibit plant stem elongation, promote plant chlorophyll synthesis, promote plant nitrogen assimilation and protein synthesis, and help synthesize plant antioxidant substances.
The main role of LED grow light blue light in plant light morphology is to affect the phototropism of plants, promote the establishment of plant morphology, promote the opening of plants stomata, and promote the efficiency of photosynthesis within a certain range.
The blue light of LED grow lights can increase seed yield. Appropriately increasing the blue light of 1000w led grow light will greatly promote the yield of their seeds.
Example effects: inhibit the growth of loose-leaf lettuce stems; shorten the distance between sugarcane equal nodes; increase wheat yield.
Excessive blue light is not conducive to plant growth and development, and lack of blue light is also not conducive to plant growth and development. Only when red light and blue light are reasonably used in different growth periods of different plants can the plants grow in the best growth state.

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