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The Secret Garden at Home~

2021-10-26 10:53:56 0

Nowadays, indoor planting is the choice of many families. Indoor planting has many advantages. For example, it can make your plants private enough so that people without your consent can’t access your plants; let the plants get the best protection. , The outdoor plant enemies will no longer be able to harm your beloved plants; you can appreciate the plants you like every day; and give plants the best growing environment. These advantages have prompted a variety of families to choose indoor planting.
Of course, there are also several methods for indoor planting, such as fully automatic hydroponic growth boxes, such as plant tents, or buying a small pot with a plant growth light.

Fully automatic hydroponic growth box: It can make plants grow without soil, which is more beautiful and beautiful, and fully automatic irrigation, so that you can relax your hands. However, the weight is large and the internal space is compact, and large plants cannot be grown.
Flower pot + plant growth lamp: simple operation, low price, but no better protection of plants, giving plants the best growth environment.
Grow Tent: It has a fully-wrapped facade, which allows plants to grow safely and comfortably in the tent. It can be lighted regularly to ensure that the plants can receive sufficient lighting a day. The ventilation system allows the plants to perform sufficient photosynthesis.

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