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The Use Time of LED Plant Growth Light

2021-07-12 15:28:51 0

Depending on the growth period and growth environment of the plant,the time required for light is also different.Therefore,LED plant growth lights should also be used in conjunction with the growth characteristics of plants.

In places where the indoor light is not strong but can reach the astigmatism of the sun, the time of the LED plant growth light should be no less than 5 hours; the balcony with less than 4 hours of light (only in the morning or afternoon), the light time of the LED plant light should be a lot In 4 hours;

LED plant growth lights in shady and non-sunlight rooms shall not be less than 10 hours.Generally plants need longer light time for growth and shorter dormancy period.

The lighting time on cloudy, rainy and foggy days shall not be less than 10 hours. Shade loving plants should not be exposed to light for a long time.Another thing to note is that since most plants photosynthesize during the day and need to rest at night,there is generally no need to use LED grow lights at night.

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