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The working principle and use of LED headlights

2021-04-27 11:33:07 0

Gasgoo Automotive News According to foreign media reports, nowadays, 20 inch led light bar are more and more widely used. So, what are LED headlights?

LED headlights

The working principle of LED

To put it simply, when the current passes through the p-type semiconductor and reaches the n-type semiconductor, the LED lamp will emit light, and the pn junction is the key. Electroluminescence (electroluminescence). In terms of color conversion, it mainly depends on the semiconductor material and the amount of passing energy.

The service life of an LED is usually about 50,000 hours, it consumes less power and does not generate heat. Therefore, this type of light is very white.

Advantages of LED

Compared with other light sources, LED lights are brighter, cleaner, smaller in size, do not generate heat, and consume less energy. Therefore, LEDs and the like are more energy-efficient.

The white light of LED is closer to natural light, which is not easy to cause eye fatigue, and the glare produced in foggy days is smaller. In addition, the projection distance of this type of beam far exceeds that of conventional light sources.

Can the user configure the LED headlights to his car?

Users can configure LED backlight strips and other LED driving lights, but such LED headlights must be configured to a specific location. But users may complain that when the LED lights are configured, they can only be used when the high beam lights are activated. When the high beam is turned off, the LED headlights will also be automatically turned off.

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