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Slimline Led Light Bar RGB

2022-02-22 13:42:11 0

This strip made me turn it over oh my gosh this thing looks thin and now it's a 40" RGB strip and I have to say it's pretty thin, basically 1000 LM, it's actually smaller than the The pictures on Amazon are thinner, just that thin, really thin.

It's cool so don't worry, obviously there's some wiring in there now there's a little pouch inside and you actually get some installation equipment and he said like simple installation you don't have to use the equipment

dude you know you have some screws and nuts and you have bolts and washers etc on hand pretty much anywhere you want to do this ready and go for it the led strip has something i like here The LED Light Bar has a lot of LEDs, which are really ultra-thin because of its low-key appearance, but there are still many amazing ones. This is the 1000LM powerhouse we are looking for, enough for you.

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