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What kind of LED lights should I buy?

2022-04-18 15:16:07 0

The LED light design you choose is up to your own preferences, but you need to consider functionality when choosing a good-looking LED car light. If you're buying LED lights because they look cool and they're just decorations, be sure to choose a lighting design that makes you happy. However, if you plan to use LED lights on the road at night, then you need to consider LED lights functionally.

How do I choose my LED beam pattern and what is the best beam for me? Then you understand the role and application of each beam, and like most off-road lights, LED lights to have several different beam patterns. Depending on what you want to use the light for, you can choose the appropriate beam pattern. High beam mode increases overall lighting at near and far distances and allows the use of high beam mode when visibility is very dark on long roads. High beams have lenses similar to traditional headlights, but they provide extra light and are great for all-around use. In order to get into complete darkness, you need a spot beam pattern. The spot beam has a sharp focusing lens, ideal for high-speed driving in open terrain. For twisty trails, you'll find flood beams to be the best option. Floodlights have grooved lenses that spread the light over a wider area, but don't stick out as far.


Another option is working beams. These lights are similar to floodlights. But these lenses have larger shapes and grooves to spread light over a wider angle and a shorter range. Work Beam Lights are great for illuminating campsites or as rock lights. Since LED off-road lights usually consist of many small LED light elements, they are more flexible.

Some LED lights are available in so-called mixed beam mode. They feature spot beams on the center section and flood beams on the outer edges, giving you the best of both worlds off-road. For dense fog and dust, you may need fog lights or amber lights. The LED fog lights have floodlight mode and some have amber lenses. The light amber shade helps penetrate fog and dust without reflecting back and dazzling you.


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