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What Should I Look For in an LED Light Bar?

2022-08-15 14:34:37 0

What should I look for in an LED light barThere are many different types of LED light bars, so how do you know which one is right for you? You need to check for durability, reliability, IP67 water resistance, and number of rows. The more rows, the better, so be sure to check all these things before you buy! We also recommend that you consider the price too! Ultimately, the choice is yours, but the article below will help you make a better decision.


You may be wondering how to find durable LED light bars. There are a few key factors you should look for when purchasing one. For one thing, you should make sure that the bar is made of high-quality materials, including aluminum, cast aluminum, and CREE LEDs. You should also consider the mounting bracket that is adjustable, as it can provide you with an improved view. A durable LED light bar is also waterproof, so there's no need to worry about it getting wet.

The price of durable LED light bars will vary considerably. The price will be based on factors such as lumen count, wattage, and size. Some are made for extreme environments while others are cheap. You should spend some time researching each one to get a good quality product for your money. This way, you will know exactly what you need and what you can afford. Remember, everyone has different needs and preferences, so don't forget to do your research!


You can find LED light bars with varying working voltages. LED auxiliary lighting, on the other hand, requires a circuit board to operate. While LED light bars generally run on 12 or 24-volt electrical systems, some LED driving lights operate at a higher voltage, like nine or 36-volts. A typical driving light will advertise its beam pattern in degrees, while LED spot beams have a narrower focus. The beam pattern of a spot beam varies from two to ten degrees.

Reliable LED light bars have been designed with the latest technology. These units are equipped with redundant LED driver electronics and heat-conduction silicone gel. Some LED light bars even feature oversize heat-sinks and shatterproof lenses. These bars also feature 50,000-hour life expectancies, and buyers are often impressed by their durability and quality when they first take them out of the carton. And they're not only bright, either.

IP67 water resistance

An IP67 water-resistant LED light bar is suitable for outdoor use. It is rated for protection against immersion from 15 cm to one meter. IP67-rated lights are suitable for installation under eaves, step nosings, and as outlining water features. These lights are protected against water and dust by a silicone sleeve and have glue seals on the ends. The higher the IP rating, the more water-resistant it is.

The IP67 water-resistant line of LED lights features 12 powerful LEDs in a single 8-inch bar. The dual-row design generates 2,700 raw lumens of cool white light. The light bar's polycarbonate lens and durable aluminum housing protect internal components. A built-in heat-sink prevents overheating of the LEDs. This IP67-rated line of LED lights also comes with a three-year warranty.

Number of rows

There are different types of LED light bars available in the market. Some are designed for flood, while others are focused on a particular area. Some even come with a combination beam pattern, combining a spot and a flood beam to provide maximum coverage. The number of rows in the light bar is determined by the purpose of the device. If the LED light bar will be used in an off-road setting, you must choose the right number of rows.

LED light bar can be straight or curved. Straight LED bars are more common than curved ones. Curved ones may be better suited to a specific application or vehicle configuration. The choice of which style you want is mostly based on aesthetics, but it's always a good idea to look at different LED lighting designs online and get the opinion of other users. However, if you're not sure about the best option for your vehicle, you can ask for advice from people with experience in buying LED lighting.


You can purchase a LED light bar at a price you can afford. There are many advantages to LED lighting. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights last a much longer time. They are also compatible with a variety of applications. Here are some things to consider before you make your final purchase. First, make sure you choose a light bar that is compatible with your application. This way, you'll know what to expect when you purchase it.

The price of LED light bars can range from as low as $20 to as much as $150. Keep in mind that cheap light bars often don't have great warranties. They won't offer much support when you need to make a claim. Rather, look for companies that stand behind their product with longer warranties. These companies may stand behind their products more and want to stand out from the competition. When shopping for light bars, compare their measurements with the company's specifications. Most product listings will include measurements taken from several angles.

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