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Where Should I Set Up My Growth Tent?

2021-10-08 10:56:12 0

In this regard, the simplest answer is to place it anywhere there is space, because the 4*4 planting tent will not affect the growth of the plants inside because of the placement position, but your planting tent needs the following key aspects: sufficient Electricity supply: Without the equipment needed to grow plants, planting tents will be useless. None of these devices can work without electricity, so make sure that no matter where your planting tent is installed, you can use a power outlet that can handle all the devices.

Airflow channel: Recycling the stale air in the grow tent is not the best idea, so you need to get enough air. The ability to get fresh air in and out of the planting area is very important, so make sure you can breathe fresh air no matter where your tent is. If possible, it is a good choice to consider placing the tent near the window, because you can both suck in fresh air from outside and exhaust bad air outside.

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