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Why are LED headlights becoming mainstream lighting systems?

2021-04-29 18:06:30 0

Why are LED headlights becoming mainstream lighting systems?

Headlights, a vehicle lighting device, have always been a very important equipment. In order to ensure the safety of driving at night, headlights have even begun to be regarded as part of the safety equipment. For a long time, vehicle lighting systems have been dominated by halogen lamps, and the main reason behind this is that the cost of halogen bulbs is quite low, which not only reduces the manufacturing cost of the car factory, but also makes the maintenance cost of the car owner's repair and replacement very low. However, the brightness of halogen bulbs is poor, the color temperature is yellow, and the service life is not long, making the lighting system using other light sources gradually rise.

The upgraded best led headlight bulbs that entered the automotive industry first after halogen bulbs should be regarded as HID xenon headlights. HID has improved the problem of insufficient brightness of halogen bulbs. Although the cost is relatively high, it has already met the acceptable range of the market. However, HID headlights are still not the best solution. Although HID has high brightness, color temperature differences are prone to occur (some HIDs are greenish or reddish, etc.). Because they rely on arc light to emit light, they are also very controllable in light type. Rely on a set of well-designed special lamps, otherwise the astigmatism will be quite obvious. In addition, HID bulbs need a driver to operate normally, so they occupy a large space, and it takes some time to reach full normal brightness.

These shortcomings make automakers continue to work hard to develop new lighting systems, and the full name of "light-emitting diodes" LED has finally been successfully applied to automotive lighting a few years ago. LED has several advantages over other lamps, including small size, long life, easy control of light type, etc. Although the current brightness of LED is only not far from HID, as the research and development continues, the brightness of LED will surpass HID And it is getting brighter and brighter. At the same time, LEDs can emit high-brightness lights with relatively little energy. Assuming a car with all lamps using halogen bulbs, compared with a car with all LED lamps, the use of LED lamps can reduce power consumption by about 60%, while reducing the burden on the vehicle's electrical system and improving carbon at the same time Emissions and fuel consumption performance.

This excellent energy-saving feature has not only made LEDs the preferred lamps used by car manufacturers in recent years, but for the electric vehicles that will gradually increase in the future, LEDs are also a lighting system that can effectively reduce power consumption. In addition, the light emitted by LEDs is less likely to have color temperature differences. Automakers can arrange LED light sources in a matrix in the lamps to achieve the purpose of controlling the light type. More luxurious lamps can even use shading plates or independent control units. The LED luminous body is used to control the light emitted to avoid high-brightness lights from shining on the vehicle ahead or oncoming vehicles.
When LED was first used in automotive industry lighting system, its cost was very high, so only high-end products of luxury brands would use this lighting system. As the technology becomes more mature and the scale of mass production expands, LED headlights can now be seen on cars of affordable brands, and LED bulbs at reasonable prices can also be seen in the after-sales market. In the case of lower and lower costs, combined with the advantages mentioned above, LED will gradually replace other forms of lighting systems and become mainstream automotive lamps.

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