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Why are LED lights better than xenon lights when changing car lights?

2021-05-17 10:23:02 0

Why are LED lights better than xenon lights when changing led light bar for cars?

LED lights have greater advantages over xenon lights.
First of all, technically speaking, LED lights have more advantages than xenon lights.

Long life and high luminous efficiency

First, the life of LED lights will be longer. The service life of LED lights is 20,000 hours, which is 20 times higher on average than halogen lamps. Xenon lamps are only 3 times higher than halogen lamps. It is because the LED light uses a semiconductor chip that is energized and emits light. It is usually fixed on the bracket with glue, then sealed with epoxy resin, and then a shell is installed. There is no loose part in the lamp body, and the stability and shock resistance are very good. Moreover, technology continues to develop. At present, the luminous efficiency of LED lights is generally higher than that of xenon lamps and halogen lamps.

Easy modification, low failure rate

In addition, many car LED bulbs on the market are already designed "in-situ", so it is more convenient to plug in and refit. But the xenon lamp is not that simple. It is necessary to install an extra ballast, cut it out, and work current, voltage...

Low lighting delay

The last one is: the LED light is on and on, and the delay is relatively low. Automotive LED lights do not require a hot start time and can emit light in a few microseconds; traditional halogen bulbs have a delay of about 0.3s.

So in general, if you don’t want to use halogen bulbs for refitting and upgrading your car’s headlights, LED lights are now more worthy of choice.Welcome to contact

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