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Why is heat dissipation important for LED car lights?

2021-06-18 15:25:24 0

People pay more and more attention to the heat dissipation of h11 led headlight bulb.

This is because the light decay of LED car lights or their lifespan is directly related to its junction temperature. If heat dissipation is not good, the junction temperature will be higher and the life span will be short. Lowering 10°C will extend the life by 2 times. It can be seen from the relationship between light attenuation and junction temperature released by Cree that if the junction temperature can be controlled at 65°C, the life span of light attenuation to 70% can be as high as 100,000 hours! This is the longevity that people dream of, but can it really be achieved? Yes, as long as the heat dissipation problem can be dealt with seriously, it is possible to do it! Unfortunately, the actual heat dissipation of LED lights is far from this requirement! As a result, the life of LED lamps has become a major issue affecting its performance, so it must be taken seriously!

Why is heat dissipation important for LED car lights?

Which of the two heat dissipation methods, the heat sink and the fan, is better?

At present, the LED car lights in the market will have a heat dissipation design at the rear, and the common heat dissipation designs mainly include a heat sink and a fan.
If the space of the car lights is not enough, the heat dissipation belt is long and cannot be spread out normally, which will affect the heat dissipation effect.

one-piece copper braid led headlight

The heat dissipation belt LED car lights, conduct heat dissipation through the braided copper tape. Its cost is low, but the number and extent of the heat dissipation strips can easily affect the heat dissipation performance. In order to ensure the normal performance of the heat dissipation performance of the LED car lights, it is often necessary to destroy the dust cover and punch additional holes on the rear cover of the car lights during installation.

The fan-designed LED car lights are more compact in structure and smaller in size, and can basically be installed in the headlight assembly without damaging the dust cover. Therefore, the cost of fan LED lights will also be higher.


In addition, from the comparison of working methods, the fan is active heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation belt is passive heat dissipation. When the light source is energized, the fan starts to dissipate heat at the same time, and the heat dissipation belt uses the principle of metal heat conduction, and the heat can be dissipated through the heat dissipation belt after reaching a certain temperature.

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