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Why not just buy the cheapest LED car lights outright?

2022-04-15 17:18:50 0

Basic users all have the same idea and want to have cheap. The workmanship and quality of cheap LED lights are definitely better than good LED lights, and cheap LED lights are not as durable or waterproof and dustproof as good LED lights. They don't last long in harsh off-road environments. Inexpensive LEDs are also not as bright as LED boards, and poorly supported LED boards can crack from vibration, causing them to fail and suddenly stop lighting.


Without removing the lights, it may be difficult for a layman to see these internal features. But obviously, when it comes to housing and mounting, less expensive LED lights are generally less expensive, with some cheap housings, very thin mounting brackets, and some small mounting hardware. Inexperienced buggies find it unaffected until they find their lights point in all different directions. Off-road vibrations make the mounts less secure, causing the lights to wobble. Gives you more unpredictable nighttime visibility, plus a poorly designed light adjustment bracket can cause the lights to deviate from your desired setting, no matter how tightly you tie the hardware.

The LED car light bar here adopts high reliability and high efficiency LED light source, high efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, integrated design of radiator and lamp housing, strong integrity, sufficient heat dissipation, light weight and good shock resistance. The surface adopts special spraying process, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, fully sealed structure, suitable for high salinity coastal areas. The integrated design of the lampshade and the lens plays a role in protecting and concentrating light. All certificates are available. If you want to know anything, you can contact us by

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