LED Headlight Bulb FAQ

With the increasing popularity of LED lighting technology today, as the cost of LED lighting continues to decrease, more and more car manufacturers have begun to adopt LED lighting technology. This means that when looking for alternatives to LED headlights for your car, there are many options, and you may not know which brands are available. If you previously owned a car equipped with halogen lamps or high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, Chuangxinjia LED headlight bulbs are very suitable for your requirements when replacing bulbs.

Chuangxinjia LED headlight bulb is a high-brightness, high-brightness, 10,000 lumens LED headlight bulb. This is one of the brightest headlight replacement products on the market. This 30-watt LED will replace the standard halogen bulbs currently used in most old cars. The LED bulb is actually equivalent to a 600-watt halogen bulb.