LED Driving Light FAQ

LED lights are a great option for off-roading, but where should you mount them? There are several factors to consider, such as your personal preference and available space in your 4x4. LED lights are best mounted at the front bumper, where they will shine a wide beam without reflecting light back onto your hood. The ideal placement will depend on your lighting needs and personal preference, but if you're looking for maximum visibility in the dark, a high-mounted spot beam will probably work the best.
Before buying your next driving lights for your 4x4, make sure to check the installation instructions. Before you install the lights on your 4x4, check the electrical requirements and the mounting hardware. Some brands will come with wiring harnesses and brackets, but be sure to check with your owner's manual for any installation guidelines. A DOT-approved light should have an earthing point. If you're using an aftermarket driving light, make sure to purchase a kit that includes the necessary mounting hardware.

The 'k' value is critical to understanding the characteristics of LED lights. LEDs have different 'k' values, from high to low. LEDs with higher 'k' values will produce more light but at lower current. This information can help you determine your power needs and energy savings. It is especially helpful for selecting lights for outdoor applications, such as decks and patios. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting LED lighting:
Kelvin temperature is a measurement of color. It falls between 2700K and 6500K. The higher the 'K' value, the cooler the color. Kelvin temperatures range from 2700K to 6500K. Color temperature is not a physical sensation and is not the same for all bulbs. Generally speaking, warmer light is better for interior design. The difference between warm and cool white is the temperature of light in Kelvin.
Another important metric for choosing LEDs is the brightness. Brightness is measured in Lumens, a scientific unit for measuring luminous flux. A Lumen measures the total visible light from a light source. 5mm LEDs are usually listed in millicandelas (mcd). The brightness of a LED depends on its viewing angle. High-power LEDs can take up to 3000mA.