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    LED car spotlight

    Simulate various scenarios for testing

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    LED Driving Lights

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    LED light bar

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How far should led grow lights be from plants?

The distance depends on the power of the plant light. Generally the closer the distance between the plant lamp and the plant the higher the light utilization efficiency.

Can any led light be able to grow plants?

No according to the growth pattern of plants different plants need different color temperature spectrum and temperature.

What is the difference between LED headlights and other car lights?

Energy-saving long life good durability small size fast response speed low brightness attenuation and low requirements for the use environment

What’s certificate your light got from Authority laboratory?


Can accept sample order?

Sample order is welcome for quality test.

What's your MOQ?

As a manufacturer we are happy to sell products to anyone who supports my brand. So our minimum order quantity is one set.

Do you offer OEMODM service?

Yeswe have R&D departmentcan offer OEMODM service if your order amount

What is your LED coverage?


What is the warranty?

The warranty is 2 years.

How long is the lifespan?

More than 50000 hours.

How many lights can you produce one month?

Around 500000pcs.

How about the after service?

If you got any problems with the products please take some photos and email us after our confirmation then we will provide you the best solution for you. The warranty is about 24ths.

What are beam pattern “Flood””Spot””Combo””Diffusion”

Flood beam can reach wide spread spot beam can reach far distance combo beam can get both wide spread and long distance. Diffusion beam is with wider beam than flood around 120 degree.

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