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What kind of LED lighting is more appropriate for outdoor stadium lighting?

2024-04-12 14:24:06 0

  Whether it's in a village, community, school, hospital, enterprise, industrial park, park, residential area, scenic spot, or hotel club, there are various sports venues such as basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, badminton courts, and golf courses. These venues host daily sports activities, and nighttime events are equally popular. Therefore, stadiums require proper lighting fixtures at night. We use high-power LED floodlights for outdoor sports stadiums, while for indoor arenas, we can opt for hanging LED high-bay lights or LED floodlights.


LED floodlights


  Instructions for using high-power LED floodlights for stadium lighting:


LED floodlights


  Whether indoors or outdoors, high-power LED floodlights can serve as the primary lighting solution for stadiums. LED floodlights boast long lifespans, high luminous efficiency, wide applicability, high color rendering, convenient and safe installation, and low power consumption. These features make them highly popular. Therefore, LED floodlights used for stadium lighting are not limited to a specific size. Here at Rui Gang, we can design professional and customized lighting solutions based on different courses and venue requirements. For instance, our standard outdoor basketball court lighting solution involves poles installed on both sides of the court, each equipped with two 200W LED floodlights mounted on one side. With 6 groups of poles in total, this lighting setup can meet the needs of most venues.

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