LED light Bar FAQ

If you are confused when buying LED Light Bar, then I believe this article will definitely give you some direction.
I think the most important thing in choosing a LED Light Bar is the "size" of the light bar and your "purpose". "Size" can determine whether it can be installed. "purpose" is to determine what kind of lamp you need. All of our car lights can be customized in size. You can send us your car model or send us your purpose. Our professional sales The staff will recommend several light bars that are most suitable for you.
Recommend several light bars that are most suitable for you. Or if you think there will be doubts about the installation, then I can tell you for sure that our after-sales team can help you install the lights online in all aspects, so that you can buy and use with peace of mind.

Whether you are planning to mount your light bar on your truck's roof or in a cargo area, you should first measure the space available to mount your lights. Make sure the car you buy is one inch smaller than the space available, to allow for cooling. A combination light bar will let you mix beam angles and serve the real purpose on job sites. However, if you're only looking to add light to your cargo area, you might consider installing a fixed light bar.
Besides ensuring proper installation, you should also consider the weight of your light bar. If you install it directly on the plastic of your bike, it may shake or flicker, affecting the beam. Therefore, mounting it too low will increase your risk of damaging your light bar. Another important thing to remember when mounting your light bar is to make sure it's mounted on a protected area to avoid any damage. Most bull-guards include a mounting spot that is protected from impact.
LED lights can come in a variety of colors and intensity. LED light bars are rated IP67, making them waterproof. You can find larger bars on the market, but they are expensive. You can get a cheaper option by going with one with deflectors. You can also find LED light bars that last for 50 000 hours. Although cheaper options might be cheaper, they might not last as long.
Our LED light bar is cheap, long service life, high lumen, high brightness, integrated heat dissipation, strong waterproof function, 120 patents, can solve all your concerns.