LED Work Light FAQ

If you're wondering "How do I know what size LED Work Light to buy?" there are several factors to consider. First, determine the number of hours your fixtures are going to run. Then, figure out what kind of usage they'll have each day. You can also consider the cost per kilowatt-hour from your local utility. Last, consider the life expectancy of your LEDs. Good ones should last up to 25000 hours, which translates to 22 years of usage if used 3 hours per day. Lastly, remember that brightness does not equal life span. If you're unsure of the Kelvin scale, read up on it.
Another thing to consider is the colour accuracy of the light from an LED. The higher the CRI value, the better. When shopping for an LED, buy one and test it before buying more. Aim for an 80 CRI rating, and a 90+ CRI for task lighting. Similarly, check out the luminous flux. Then, choose the right size LED bulb for your needs. You can also compare lumens per watt.
A light bulb's lumens (or light output) should be a consideration when choosing which type to purchase. The lumens of an LED bulb are not directly comparable to incandescent light bulb wattage. Instead, LED bulbs are rated by lumens, and their packaging often does not reflect their true light output. So if you want to replace an incandescent bulb with an LED light, you should buy a lamp with a higher lumens output.
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